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Welcome to the Design Plumbing Solutions Help Center. I have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions from my clients into one place. Check them out below, maybe you’ll have the same question that was on somebody else’s mind. Should you have any other questions that I may have missed, don’t hesitate to let me know.


Why should I hire a Master Plumber?

It really comes down to the highest level of experience and expertise. A licensed master plumber has a lot of training, extensive experience and advanced skills. So hiring a master plumber, as opposed to an unlicensed plumber, has its advantages. Master plumbers follow all necessary guidelines and regulations. They are familiar with local codes and will make sure that all repairs or installations comply with those codes.

What are some of the consequences of delaying plumbing repairs?

Water is a significant monthly expense, especially when you lose it due to leaks. You are not only paying for the water you use, but you are continuing to pay for all of the water that is getting wasted.

Remember that small plumbing leaks can turn into larger ones and potentially cause flooding in your home. Not to mention how flooding can ruin walls, flooring, furniture and personal belongings, so it’s best not to delay any type of repair.

Why do I need to pay a plumber to fix a leaky pipe?

While there are DIY ways for you to fix a leak, we recommend calling a professional plumber to fix leaky pipes. What may seem like a simple fix can easily lead to a more difficult job and bigger problems down the road. 

We recommend hiring a professional, licensed plumber like Design plumbing Solutions. While you might think that fixing leaky pipes is a simple procedure, DIY repairs are usually messy and often are only temporary solutions. A plumber can handle substantial repairs, especially if the leak is more extensive than anticipated. This may save you time and money in the long run.

What is plumbing "Code"?

Plumbing code outlines the best and most modern methods to be used in plumbing installations. Since the plumbing in any private or public building is a part of the community water and sewage disposal system, it is vital that such installations should not be left to the discretion of irresponsible individuals.

Be sure to work with a licensed plumbing contractor, like Design Plumbing Solutions, to ensure not only that you’re following the law, but also that your project will be completed in the safest, most effective manner.

Do you also do bathroom or kitchen remodeling work?

No matter if you need a partial or complete kitchen or bathroom remodel, our professional plumbing company can handle it. If your plumbing system is old or in need of repair, many times you can save time and money by doing a complete plumbing remodel entire system.

We can update your outdated plumbing systems and plumbing fixtures, remove and replace plumbing pipe, relocate plumbing components and much, much more.

My toilet won’t stop flushing. What can I do?

If your toilet is running, then the water is leaking out of the toilet’s tank from somewhere, meaning that your toilet is constantly refilling itself. This can be very costly in the long term, increasing your water bills if left unchecked. 

Often a little jiggling of the toilet handle solves the problem. Sometimes a simple part needs to be replaced. The worst case scenario is that the entire mechanism needs to be replaced. No matter what the cause, Design Plumbing Solutions can diagnose and fix the problem.

What are the signs of a broken or leaky water line?

Some signs of leaky or broken water lines may include the sound of running water when no faucets are on, puddles in your yard that seem to have no origin, excessively high water bills, mold growing on walls, bulges in flooring or walls and dripping sounds.

How can I prevent leaking pipes?

Early detection is your best weapon. Take the time to periodically inspect your pipes. If you see rust or lime deposits, this may indicate the start of a leak. Call Design Plumbing Solutions to assess the problem. We can help you stop a small problem before it turns into a large one.

What happens if my water heater is leaking?

You should call Design Plumbing Solutions immediately. Leaking water heaters usually indicate the bottom of the tank has rusted. Keep in mind that there are very few repair options for this problem; you most likely need a new water heater.